Electrical Distribution System

ASM’s Q2C PowerTraXXTM plug-and-play modular electrical system is specifically designed for low height floors. PowerTraXXTM connects the services boxes in the general office layout to the electrical panel via a 3-port distribution box and extender cables. The extender cables have been engineered to be plugged while “hot”, allowing fast reconfiguration or modification or modification to your floor pan.

This provides the flexibibilty you need and the peace of mind that any future additions will be simple, non-disruptive and inexpensive.

A considerable amount of wire can be contained, while cables can be drawn without any special tools.

Q2C PowerTraXX

EmPowering Your Business

PowerTraXXTM connects the service boxes in the general office layout to the electrical panel via a 3-port distribution box, extender cables, and home-run cables.

Electrical Box

Physical Data

  • Dimensions – 11.5″ x 11.5″
  • Floor Opening – 10″ x 10″
  • Height Of Box Fits Into ASM 1.58″ Low-Profile Floor System
  • Load Rating Of Lid – 1,000 lbf (4448 N)

Electrical Distribution

  • 20amp/120V AC
  • Extended Cables Provided 5′ Increments
  • Four Receptacles Provided
  • 2 Wire 12 GA Extender Cables
  • 7 Wire 10 GA Homerun Cables
  • Standard With 12″ Long Extender Cables


  • Standard With Four 20A Receptacles
  • Lid Hinges Open Or Lifts Off
  • Recessed Lid To Accept Carpet/Tile Insert
  • Powder Coat Epoxy Paint Finish
  • Welded Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • 6 Openings For Keystone Jack Couplers
  • Lid Can Be Closed When In Use

3 Port Distribution Box

Each Distribution Box delivers 3 circuits to the underfloor plenum with 1 Home-run Cable back to the electrical closet. Each Home-run has #10 AWG copper wire that has been tested and fabricated to the length required.

The Home-Run Cable and Distribution Box are factory assembled for quick and easy installation.